Yunnan Longtian Agricultural Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd.

About us

Yunnan Longtian Agricultural Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. is located in Economic and Technological Development Zone of Qujing City, Yunnan Province. It is an agricultural science and technology development company which integrates the production and sales of plateau French fries, snowflakes, dried potato cubes and other products, as well as the cultivation of agricultural products, agricultural high-tech research and development, and the storage of goods. It is a domestic brand enterprise specializing in the deep processing of potatoes. The company is committed to building into the largest potato deep processing enterprise integrating potato planting, acquisition, warehousing, processing and sales in the country.

The 180,000 tons of potato deep processing project of Yunnan Longtian Agricultural Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd.,was landed in Qujing in December 2015, with a total investment of 2.5 billion yuan. It will gradually form a potato "first, second and third industries" deep processing industry chain. The project construction mainly includes three parts: potato planting base construction, potato processing base construction and marketing channels:

(1) Construction Project of Potato Planting Base

The construction project of potato planting base was invested 989.58 million yuan. 6 million virus-free potato seedlings were added annually, 10 million original (micro-potato) seeds were planted, the original seeds planting area was 1400 mu, the first-class seeds planting area was 14000 mu, and the commercial potato planting area was 135.4 million mu.

(2) Construction Project of Potato Processing Base

The construction project of potato processing base was invested 1389.4 million yuan, adding a set of 6t/h French fries production line, a set of 2t/h potato flour and potato cubes production line, two 5t/h commercial potatoes production lines and an annual production line of 30,000 tons of potato residue formula feed. The annual fresh potato yield was 180,000 tons.

(3) Construction of Potato Sales Channel

While selling to the Southeast Asian market, we have invested 100 million yuan in cooperation with PetroChina and Sinopec to lay fast food sales channels and market commercial potato sales channels.

The project has a strong radiation driving effect, which directly drives more than 40,000 growers to participate in the project. After the completion of the project, it will effectively promote the adjustment of the potato industry structure in Yunnan, which is of great social significance for realizing the strategic structural adjustment of regional agriculture.

The company adopts the supply mechanism of "company + base + standardization" to form an integrated operation mode of production, supply and marketing.