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Gansu potato research was selected into the china-uzbekistan cooperation project


Gansu potato research was selected into the china-uzbekistan cooperation project

We have learned from the provincial science and technology department that the cooperation and exchange project between the governments of China and Ukraine recommended by the provincial science and technology department, "research on breeding methods of new potato varieties with high yield and high quality", has recently been approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

The project was applied for by dingxi academy of agricultural sciences. Since 2014, in view of the lack of germplasm resources, a staple food processing quality of germplasm resources, the new varieties breeding and selection method of potato germplasm innovation aspects, such as relatively backward, in dingxi city academy with Ukraine samui agricultural university to carry out the cooperation and communication, and for the project cooperation laid a certain foundation. So far, this study has introduced 8 experts and 37 potato germplasm resources. Through quality analysis of germplasm resources, five germplasm resources with excellent performance in chemical processing quality of staple food, cold resistance and nematode resistance were screened out by the two sides, and one of them is undergoing provincial regional test.

It is understood that the project will through cooperation with Ukraine samui agricultural university, introduce and swap potato varieties and germplasm resources, to carry out the scientific research personnel exchanges, learning, communication and technical seminars, to Ukraine advanced potato breeding techniques and methods used in dingxi potato varieties breeding, which adapted to the dingxi arid and semi-arid environment condition of varieties, demonstration and promotion.