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Ordos: potato harvest


Ordos: potato harvest

September is the potato harvest season, Inner Mongolia ordos wuchen banner towards the daygacha potato base a busy scene. Potato harvesters shuttle through the fields, and then dozens of hopper trucks transport the collected potatoes to the sorting center, while workers sift and sort them, passing them on conveyor belts to container trucks for further processing at processing plants in Shanghai and wuhan. Lay's chips, which are in short supply in supermarkets, are made from Atlantic potatoes from daigacha.

South toward adai GaZha is located in the ordos plateau, Sarah WuSu ring river boundary, the output of potato has the characteristics of high output, bigger, less body-to keep, location, traffic, resource advantage prominent, gold district in farming and animal husbandry production, clean soil, the climate is suitable, good development environment is very suitable for planting potatoes. Local potato industry gives full play to its advantages and makes scientific planning. From site selection and sowing in March to maturity and harvest in September, every link is strictly controlled to ensure potato quality and quality. During the harvest period, the whole process is mechanized, which improves the working efficiency and saves the cost of human resources. This year, potato production is up slightly from previous years, and prices are competitive, says the head of the zhaodaigacha potato project.

It is understood that chaodaigacha planted 5,200 mu of potatoes this year, and is expected to sell 187.5 million potatoes, with the minimum income of farmers reaching 100,000 yuan.