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New progress has been made in the integration model of potato green development technology


New progress has been made in the integration model of potato green development technology

Wulanchabu city in Inner Mongolia autonomous region at the wulanchabu potatoes green development in China in 2019, the news conference, science and technology innovation in our country "potato, green technology integration development pattern research and demonstration" project key technology constantly improving, bottleneck breakthrough individually, is integrated with water saving efficiency of north China, northwest of the whole industry chain and the central plains and efficient facilities six sets of green development technology such as cultivation mode, set up comprehensive demonstration base in producing 9, the core area of 5300 mu. Among them, the integrated pattern of water-saving and efficient green development technology of potato in north China demonstrated in ulanqab has an average yield of 3,200kg per mu, which is 16.36% more than the average drip irrigation mu, 20% less fertilizer application, and more than 15% more economic benefits.

Ulanqab is an important production base of potato seed, commercial potato and special potato for processing in China. The planting area of the whole city has been stable at about 4 million mu, with the total output of fresh potato reaching 4.5 million tons. It is one of the most important prefecture-level production areas in China. NongMuTing in Inner Mongolia autonomous region, under the support of the Chinese academy of agricultural sciences' national potato, vegetables are flowers group techniques for scientific research consortium, the potato industry system and industry technology innovation alliance and wulanchabu city, Inner Mongolia potato innovation team and promote joint cooperation, together to create the wulanchabu city jining comprehensive demonstration base, potato, green development core demonstration area of 500 mu.

The project of "potato green development technology integration mode research and demonstration" based on this base is one of the important tasks of the collaborative innovation project of the main crop green development in the innovation project of Chinese academy of agricultural sciences. Led by vegetables, flowers, Chinese academy of agricultural sciences research institute, hospital three related research institute and research strength and synergy of related units of provinces and cities, production and processing enterprises, in the green seedling quality varieties screening technology, health of potato breeding technology, plant diseases and insect pests of cucumber in micro-irrigation precisely, green comprehensive prevention and control technology, digital remote sensing monitoring technology, fully mechanization technology and staple food processing technology and so on seven core technology research and integrated, and large-scale demonstration.

In order to promote the rapid application and promotion of excellent new varieties, nearly 70 excellent new varieties developed by the joint research on superior varieties of potato, the national key research and development plan and the technical system of potato industry were also demonstrated here. Among them, the scientific research consortium of improved varieties of potato is composed of 62 scientific research, teaching and promotion units and seed enterprises in China. It mainly develops the discovery, creation and sharing of excellent germplasm, selection, breeding and display of new varieties with disease-resistant quality and high yield, joint tests of high generation strains and new varieties, and innovation of seed potato breeding system. The promotion and application of these varieties are expected to solve the problem of structural shortage of potato varieties, and will provide high-quality varieties and green breeding technology for improved breeding base.

During the conference, "potato green development and scientific and technological innovation BBS", "potato green integrated technology model and research on improved varieties joint research seminar" and "potato production full mechanization seminar" were also held. The participants expressed that the symposium had thoroughly analyzed the key link of potato production, which was conducive to the high-quality development of potato industry.

The meeting was jointly convened by the Chinese academy of agricultural sciences, ulanqab municipal people's government, the agriculture and animal husbandry department of Inner Mongolia autonomous region and the national potato industry science and technology innovation alliance.